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UK: Bath, Brighton, London, York

Bath City, UK
by Amrihtaa Lahoti, India

Who doesn't like a little pampering? A relaxing day at the spa? But have you ever thought that Roman spa or baths were most advanced spas known to mankind… more advance than the spas today!

One such place to witness is Bath City - located at a 2 hour train ride from London Waterloo. All trains in the direction of Windsor stop at Bath City. Most tourist use Bath City as a base camp and travel to Stonehenge and Windsor along with the neighbouring areas.

Bath Photo 8 As soon as I got off the train, I saw a huge crowd dressed ii jerseys, girls carrying pompoms, people with face paint and big weird looking caps. After inquiring I came to know that it was the day of a football match. Bath football club is very famous and has a huge fan following.

A short walk away from the station is the city centre. Bath is a very small city and all the tourist attractions are at a walking distance. I was very excited to see the Roman baths hence I first moved to the museum. Tours at the museum have to be pre booked. But for people like me there are audio guides available with a special feature for the kids.

The Roman baths are divided according to hierarchy. The baths are separate for the royal family and for the locals. It has been built on a natural spring and you can taste the water in the tasting room. One of the most fascinating part of the ruins was the massage room wherein all kind of massages, wraps and other beauty treatments were offered… in the 18th century.

Bath Photo 1 After the museum I sat down at a small roadside café opposite the cathedral for lunch. The place was vibrant with live performances and fire artists. There are a variety of cafes here to choose from. But if you are a water person, there are a lot of cafes by the back waters too which is a 10 minutes walk from the city center.

Bath City is built in small lanes. These lanes are very fascinating to walk in. You never know what you may find! I took a short walk in these lanes and then headed to the back waters. Here I took a cruise. The more adventurous way is also to row on your own. The cruise is very scenic. It takes you through almost the entire city. You can also spot the old baths from the boat.

After the boat ride, I sat down for a while near the back waters and then headed back to the city centre. Unfortunately I was a little late as all the shops in the city shut by 5 pm. Shortly after that I proceeded towards the station to take a train back to London.

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