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Camden Town, London, UK
by Amrihtaa Lahoti, India

If you ever have a day to spare in London, try Camden Town - home to Goths, rockabilly, punks, and fetish cults in London. Along with that it has a variety of shops and huge food markets.

Photo 2 Camden can be roughly divided into Camden Lock Market, Camden Main Market, Camden Stables and Main Street also known as Chalk Farm.

Camden Lock Market:
A place to go if you want to buy fake bags, fetish leather things or cheap clothes. In short its one of the biggest flee markets in London.

Camden Main Market:
If you think your style is boutiques then Camden main market is the place for you.

Camden Stables:
Out here you will find plenty of vintage shops. Right from old news papers and billboards to vintage clothing - right from the Victorian era.

Photo 4 Main Street:
Home to all major food markets. You will find all kinds of cuisines. A must try is the marshmallow stick with melted chocolate topping. The Main Street also has a lot of bars and clubs. Most of these bars and clubs are dedicated to their cultures so they have a strict dress code. Hence entry is very restricted.

While in Camden there is a possibility you will come across people dressed according to their cults. The bank of the back waters is a major area for recreation and is generally crowded in the evening. The markets shut by 5 30 pm. So make sure you are early enough.

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