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Morocco: Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Fes, Midelt, Rabat, Volubilis

Midelt, Morocco: The market town nestled between the Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains
by Prakash Bang, Editor in Chief

Market, Midelt, Morocco

From Fes it's a 4-hour drive to Midelt. That is if you drive non-stop. In our case, that was not to be. Few photo stops, comfort stops, and snack breaks adds up to the time. Anyway, we were not in a hurry. Midelt was essentially a break journey. It was our gateway to the Sahara Desert.

Towards Midelt, Morocco We reached Midelt late afternoon. After checking in our Villa Midelt and freshening up a bit, we spent rest of the evening in Midelt's marketplace. It's a good place to buy fruit and olives.

Midelt is a market town originally built as a base for mining in the area and is nestled between the Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains at an elevation of just over 1,500 meters. It's a perfect spot to break up the journey to the Sahara Desert and is a great base for some easy walks. Many of the locals are Berber, and the town can offer an insight into their way of life.

Tomorrow we drive to another Moroccan icon - the Sahara.

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