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Poisonous Offering to Lord Shiva, Bhimashankar
Poisonous Offering to Lord Shiva, Bhimashankar
Leaves of a plant called 'Bel' and the fruit 'Dhatura' are offered to Lord Shiva. The fruit with thistles is highly poisnous. Legend has it, that Shiva drank poison (because no one else - demons nor the Gods dared) when it emerged during the churning of the ocean. Reason why, Shiva is blue coloured and has a snake around his neck to keep cool the after effects of consuming poison.

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13th Century Carvings, Bhimashankar Temple 400 steps up to Shivneri Fort Ambar Khana, Shivneri Fort Bhima River, Bhimashankar Bombay Point, Bhimashankar Charming Countryside, enroute Bhimashankar
Chatrapati Shivaji's birth place Dimbaghar Dam, Bhimashankar to Shivneri Fort From Bhimashankar to Shivneri Fort From Pune to Bhimashankar Ganesh Darwaza, Shivneri Fort Gopuram, Bhimashankar Temple
Hatti Darwaza, Shivneri Fort Inside the birth place, Shivneri Fort Kamani Mosque, Shivneri Fort Marketplace, Bhimashankar Meena Darwaza, Shivneri Fort Monkey, Bhimashankar Temple premises
Poisonous Offering to Lord Shiva, Bhimashankar Priest, Bhimashankar Shivaji Shivneri Fort Towards Bhimashankar Temple Vadaj Dam as seen from Shivneri Fort
Bhimashankar & Shivneri Travel Post
This turned out to be a nice but tiring one-day trip for us. Bhimashankar was planned. Shivneri was not. I thank Lord Shiva for the detour. Read more…

Bhimashankar & Shivneri Travel Post

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