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The Great Wall of China, Beijing
The Great Wall of China, Beijing
Another point of view.

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Artisan - Jade finishing, Beijing At The Great Wall of China, Beijing Birds Nest Stadium, Olympic Greens, Beijing Carved pillars at Forbidden City, Beijing Carved pillars at Ming Tombs, Beijing Changling Tomb entrance at the Ming Tombs, Beijing
Cloisonné Ware artisan, Beijing Cloisonné Ware finished artefacts, Beijing Copper inlay final touch up, Beijing Copper inlay finishing work, Beijing Copper inlay work in progress, Beijing Decorative roofs, Forbidden City, Beijing
Dragon, Beijing International Airport, Beijing Dragon Statue, Forbidden City, Beijing Eco-friendly rickshaw, Beijing Elephant mural, Forbidden City, Beijing Emperor Yongle, Ming Tombs, Beijing Facade, The Aqua Cube, Olympic Greens, Beijing
Forbidden City entrance, Beijing Hall entrance, Forbidden City, Beijing Imperial Gardens, Forbidden City, Beijing Jade Artefacts, Beijing Martial Arts practice session in the premises of Forbidden City, Beijing Media Tower, Olympic Greens, Beijing
Ming Tombs entrance, Beijing Ming Tombs premises, Beijing Mural,Olympic greens, Beijing National Stadium, Olympic greens, Beijing On guard at the People's Square, Beijing Outer Hall, Forbidden City, Beiing
People's Square, Beijing The Aqua Cube, Olympic Greens, Beijing The Dragon Building, as seen from Olympic Greens, Beijing The Great Wall, Badaling section, Beijing The Great Wall of China, Beijing Throne, Forbidden City, Beijing
Torch Bearers, Olympic Greens, Beijing Tower at Forbidden City, Beijing Turtle, Beijing International Airport, Beijing Underground Line 5, Beijing Trains, Beijing Various rooms at Forbidden City, Beijing Watch Tower, The Great Wall, Badaling section, Beijing
Beijing Travel Post
Everything is so big out here. The airport terminal is the largest in Asia (however, it appeared to me as the world's largest); big buildings; big wide roads, big population (17 million and growing); big hotels, big tombs, big squares, big palaces and more recently big stadiums. Read more…

Beijing Travel Post

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