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Man Mandir, Fort, Gwalior
Man Mandir, Fort, Gwalior
The 7 domes are iconic to Gwalior.

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A carved wooden balcony, Gwalior A cast iron balcony, Gwalior A carved wooden balcony, Gwalior A cast iron balcony, Gwalior A cast iron balcony, Gwalior 10th century carvings, Batesar, Gwalior
Art on Street, Gwalior Balaji Temple, Gwalior Carvings, Padhavali, Gwalior Chambal River, Gwalior Chandeliers, Durbar Hall, Palace, Gwalior Circular Shrine Interior, Mitavali, Gwalior
Circular Shrine, Mitavali, Gwalior Court Yard, Man Mandir, Gwalior Crocodiles, Chambal river, Gwalior Durbar Hall, Palace, Gwalior Fortification, Padhavali, Gwalior Gate carved in stone, Gwalior
General Hospital, Gwalior Ghariyals, Chambal river, Gwalior Gothic Architecture, Bada, Gwalior Greek Architecture, Bada, Gwalior Group of Temples, Batesar, Gwalior Gurudwara, Fort, Gwalior
Gwalior City from the Fort Indian Architecture, Bada, Gwalior Inlay work, Man Mandir, Fort, Gwalior Jain Mandir, Gwalior Liquour Freighter, Palace, Gwalior Man Mandir, Fort, Gwalior
Moti Jheel, Gwalior Mughal Architecture, Bada, Gwalior Priest, Shani Mandir, Gwalior Ravines of Chambal, Gwalior Roman Architecture, Bada, Gwalior Royal Dining, Indian Style, Palace, Gwalior
Royal Palace, Gwalior Sahastrabahu Temple, Fort, Gwalior Shirole Wada, Gwalior Statues cut in rock, Fort, Gwalior Stone carved guard, Tombs, Gwalior Stone work, Usha Kiran Palace Hotel, Gwalior
Suraj Kund, Fort, Gwalior Surya Mandir, Gwalior Teli Mandir, Fort, Gwalior Victoria College, Gwalior Victorian Architecture, Bada, Gwalior Water reservoir, Fort, Gwalior
Gwalior Travel Post
It's very rare to see works of art all around a town. Gwalior is indeed one such. I was amazed to see fascinating carvings of stone in every street, every alley that I happen to cross. As I sank deeper, I realized Gwalior is not only rich in architecture but is equally brilliant in culture and Indian music too. Tansen (amongst Emperor Akbar's 9 Jewels) & Baiju Bawra (the master classical singer) hail from Gwalior. And so does sarod (Indian musical instrument) maestros Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan & his son Ustad Amzad Ali Khan. Read more…

Gwalior Travel Post

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